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One of the most common ways to protect your driveway is with sealcoating. It prevents cracks, minimizes corrosion and keeps the driveway clean. Sealcoating is an easy and effective technique that will help you maintain your driveway’s condition year-round! Let’s take a look at how it works, shall we?

Seal coatings are applied directly onto asphalt surfaces which helps them resist thousands types of damage from harmful elements like rain or dirt – the result being smoother rides for drivers plus reduced chances your driveway will need major repairs down the line.

What is Sealcoating Made of?

Sealcoating is made of coal tar, emulsifying agent and additives such as sand or clay. The mixture of tiny particles is used to coat a driveway and protect it for several years. It is recommended that a new driveway not be seal coated for at least one year.

How is Sealcoating Applied?

The sealcoating process is a fascinating way to keep your driveway looking new and pristine for years. First, the pavement is cleaned of dirt or other debris before being heated with an oven-like device that will remove oils from existing markings on asphalt surfaces. Next comes washing down any remaining marks with brine solution (salt water), followed by drying out overnight – all this makes sure you get rid if pesky things like oil! If cracks happen while paving then special fillers are used in order promote adhesion between material layers; they’ll also help stop stones getting stuck when walking across it later down line.

Just Dot It – Sealcoat it!

Seal your driveway to keep it in great shape with a new coat every two or three years! It’s an excellent investment that can save you money from having extra work done down the line. Call your best paver sealcoat company in Houston, TX to schedule yours today!

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