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Ready to replace your boring, cracked pavers in Houston, Texas? Do you want the outdoor space of your home to stand out and impress all of your friends and neighbors? Or perhaps you’re just looking for some simple repair work. Whatever the reason, there’s a paver out there for your needs. In fact, there are hundreds of different pavers that you could choose from! Having so much variety can be a bit daunting, so allow us to give you some tips for narrowing the search.

Paver Considerations

Choosing the right paver for your project is an important decision to make. You’ll want the paver that you choose to look good for days, months and years after paver installation in Houston, TX. If you want a long-lasting, quality paver job, you’ll need to pay special attention to the materials you choose. The paver in question should be good-looking, as well as heavy duty and durable against traffic and wear and tear from the weather. Your pavers need to stand up to that Texas toughness!

Travertine and Brick Pavers

Travertine and brick are very common paver subcategories here in Houston. How should you decide whether brick or travertine is best? Well, there are a few attributes that can make the decision clear. If budget is a concern of yours, then brick is definitely the way to go. On average, brick pavers cost twenty percent to forty percent less than travertine pavers. That statistic alone should make the choice clear, as far as budget is concerned. Still, it depends on what type of travertine you’re comparing the brick pavers to. If you’re looking at a more commercial grade travertine rather than a fancy one, the price between brick and travertine could match up.

What texture are you looking for in your pavers? For safety reasons, it’s good to have a more rough-textured paver for a pool surround. Smooth stones could be very dangerous in this application! However, if you are looking for a smooth paver surface on another area of your property, travertine pavers are the way to go. Travertine pavers are sleek and beautiful in most any application. If you were wondering, travertine with a ‘tumbled’ finish is safe for pool deck installation. People especially like how cool travertine feels on their feet during a hot day. Gotta fight that Houston heat!

A Word On Paver Colors

When it comes to color variation, you’re sure to find your match with travertine pavers in Houston, TX. However, if you’re not looking for so much color variation, brick would be the better choice. Really, brick just comes in varying shades of brownish red… that doesn’t mean they aren’t charming for some! Brick is also great for uniformity. This is hard to achieve with a naturally quarried stone like travertine. In reality, every piece of travertine is different. A cohesive travertine patio is made by meticulously pairing like-colored stones. That’s why natural stone pavers cost so much more – it’s the labor involved!

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