Must-Have Appliances for an Outdoor Kitchen in Houston

After a long day at the office, all folks usually want to do is go home and relax. There are many ways to wind down, and one of those ways could be whipping up a nice meal in your beautiful outdoor kitchen. Wait, you don’t have one? You’re missing out! Outdoor kitchens are great for entertaining, and they bring a whole new host of different activities into your entertaining and eating life. You can invite your friends over to enjoy a nice meal in your beautiful outdoor kitchen. If you want to know how to get started on your own outdoor kitchen, you’ll first want to know the must-have appliances!

A Great Grill

The first appliance is one that you’ll need for any outdoor kitchen – the grill. This is like the oven of an indoor kitchen – it’s the center of all outdoor cooking operations. There are two different types of grills that you can choose from. The first is a free-standing grill, and the other is a built-in grill. With a free-standing grill, you’ll be able to move your grill freely round the patio or deck. Alternatively, a free-standing grill can be rolled in and out off a stone surround, giving much flexibility to the chef. Having a grill surround or counter and cabinet space will give you much-needed storage for your outdoor kitchen. Free-standing grills that are used in this way are referred to as ‘roll in grills’ There are benefits for having a built-in grill as well. With built-in grills, you’ll have a large amount of counter space on both sides of the grill, just as you would for your kitchen inside. More space for prepping serving food. The counter space gives you a larger area for adding even more helpful appliances to your outdoor kitchen.

Each grill will have a specific fuel type that it’s powered by. You should definitely consider this when purchasing a grill for your outdoor kitchen. A grill can be fueled by charcoal, gas, wood chips and pellets or a combination of two or more fuel types. The fuel used when cooking on a grill has a large effect on the taste of the food being cooked.

Outdoor Refrigeration

What’s second to a grill in a Houston outdoor kitchen? That would be an outdoor refrigerator! Delicious food is best paired with a cool drink, but your fridge can also be used for keeping fresh food properly stored before and after cooking. An outdoor refrigerator really makes your outdoor kitchen truly self-sufficient. There won’t be any need to run back and forth from the indoor kitchen when you have a true fridge out there. Now the party can really begin!  Your outdoor kitchen will be a real party-saver, allowing the chef to stay present during the entertaining, rather than being hidden in obscurity over the oven indoors. That’s really the whole point of an outdoor kitchen. Bringing the fun outdoors and keeping it there in Houston, TX!

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