Why You Should Seal Your Pavers

If you invest in something beautiful, wouldn’t you want to protect it from harm? Would you leave your custom vintage automobile curbside? Or a one-of-a-kind photograph of your late great-great-great grandmother open on the dining room table? No, you wouldn’t! The same care should be taken with your pavers. You should do what you can to preserve your outdoor living space. 

You’ve already spent so much time planning your dream walkway, pool deck or patio. Why would you want all of that work to go to waste because your pavers were ill-protected? It’s important to give your pavers protection against the accidents of life and the force of the weather. Paver sealing done right will keep moisture out of your pavers, as well as prevent efflorescence. Sealing will also hold the sand joints of your pavers in place, keeping them uniform and professional-looking. By sealing at the right times, your pavers will look new for many years to come. 

Your best defense against efflorescence is sealing your pavers. Efflorescence is when porous paver materials develop a white cloudy coating due to salt and solvents migrating to the surface of the pavers after prolonged moisture exposure. If you seal you pavers with a water-based sealant, you’ll be able to limit the amount of moisture each paver soaks in, preventing efflorescence.

Stabilizing Sand Joints

Sealing your pavers will help to stabilize and harden the sand joints that hold the pavers in place. This will prevent loosening and cracking over time. Some shifting and settling is natural, especially of you’re dealing with a sandy soil in Houston, TX. However, by properly sealing your pavers and installing them over crushed gravel, you’ll be able to minimize paver shifting.  

Sealing the sand joints around your pavers will prevent grass and weeds from growing up and in between your pavers. This will keep your hardscaping level and smooth while preserving your back from weeding soreness. 

Stain Protection

Did you know that sealing your pavers will also protect them from getting stained? After you’ve spent so much time, effort and money on getting your outdoor space just right, you wouldn’t want your pavers to get stained or damaged while your enjoying your brand new space. Especially if you’re dealing with a highly-trafficked area, your pavers could benefit from a little extra care in the sealing department. This is especially true for a patio you want to entertain on or one that hosts an outdoor kitchen or grill. Sealed pavers will also be resistant to stains from car fluid in the case of a driveway. Water-based sealant will repel even the toughest of stains, strengthening your pavers for years to come. 

Easier Maintenance

Sealed pavers are much easier to clean than unsealed pavers. A simple spray down or the use of a small pressure washer will be all you need to keep your pavers glistening like new for years. By sealing your Houston pavers, you’ll be able to keep them looking as if they were just installed for a long time to come.

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