Must-Have Appliances for an Outdoor Kitchen

Having a place where you can just go outside and cook is amazing. An outdoor kitchen enhances the outdoor space of a home by expanding the possibilities of what you can do while entertaining. An outdoor kitchen expands what you can achieve by cooking outdoors by just grilling. Having the ability to store food, being able to use different appliances intended for the outdoors – cooking outside becomes a veritable party!

All that sounds good, but you may be thinking, “How would I even get started with an outdoor kitchen?” Haha, we are here to help you! Every action begins with a thought. We’d like to inspire your outdoor kitchen fantasies by giving some insider info on the must-have appliances you should consider for yours. Having a kitchen outside is plenty enough of a stretch – tricking it out with all sorts of cooking gizmos will turn it into a kitchen paradise! The upgrades you give your outdoor kitchen aren’t only in the form of appliances. There are many different fundamental upgrades out there that will set your outdoor kitchen apart from the rest.

The Right Grill

The grill is easily the principal appliance of every outdoor kitchen. It’s where most of the action happens – it’s your stove of the outdoors. A grill is pretty much essential to any outdoor cooking space, regardless of whether or not it can be considered an ‘outdoor kitchen’ or not. Not all grills are the same though. There are some grills that are perfect for simple cooking. Other grills are super fancy with tons of bonus capabilities that would make an eager cook swoon. You really must pick a grill that has the capabilities you desire while conforming to the budget you’ve set. Don’t go grill crazy and leave little capital for the rest of the kitchen!

Grills come with different fuel choices as well. The three main types are gas, charcoal and wood pellets. Some grills will use one fuel type, while other grills will utilize a combination of two or more fuel types. Depending on your cooking ambitions, a simple gas grill could suffice over a super grill/smoker combo. There are many, many different grills on the market so take your time picking the right one. It’s a big part of your outdoor kitchen in Houston, after all.

Another type of grill is a flat-top grill. This Hibachi-style grill is unique and good for cooking small items or ones you just don’t want grill marks on. You could even do a little bit of grill-side entertaining like in the restaurants, just be careful and don’t hurt yourself!

A Power Burner to Boot

A power burner is exactly what its nomenclature suggests. It’s a burner with extra power! This type of burner can make a huge pot of water boil in a matter of minutes. It’s great for boiling large batches of corn or seafood for hungry guests while having the other elements sizzling within an arm’s reach. A grill that’s equipped with a quality power burner will give off a lot of heat! Power burners are usually installed a few inches lower than the cooktop. There’s no need to lift large pots into the air, and you’ll be able to monitor your food as it simmers away.

Suiting Up with a Smoker

We all know and enjoy the mouth-watering quality of smoked meats. This type of eating enjoyment need not be limited to the local deli! With a smoker, you’ll be able to smoke your own meats and veggies right at home. You can be sure that your meat has no additional preservatives or chemical add-ons when you smoke it yourself. Plus, the end result is super tasty and very impressive to guests. There’s also the option of building your smoker into the countertop. This frees up more counter and prep space, a pretty essential part of cooking in general. Of course, there’s no need to build the smoker into the countertop, but it does lend toward a seamless, professional look.

Pizza Please!

Ah, the crown jewel. I’m sure every kid wishes they had a pizza oven in the backyard. So do all of their friends. Well… your kid could! Imagine being THAT parent, the one that serves the home or kid-crafted pizzas at birthday parties. Your yard will probably never be without guests! A pizza oven makes your outdoor kitchen more than a cooking place – it becomes a destination. 

There are so many ways to trick out an outdoor kitchen in Houston, Texas – let your imagination fly!

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