How New Pavers Can Increase The Value of Your House

Pavers are a great addition to any home. Pavers are beautiful and just add an atmosphere to a home’s exterior that can impress buyers and justify raised selling prices. Curb appeal is very important when selling a home. The exterior of a property is the first thing your buyers will see and the last thing they’ll look at before they leave. Having a buyer hooked right from the start with an impressive exterior? That’s half the job done right there.

A paved patio, walkway or driveway is a big part of the curb appeal of a property. There are so many different types of pavers to choose from – there’s surely one that will fit the aesthetic and look you’re trying to achieve. Investing in pavers for a property is a double-sided win. On one hand, it adds attractiveness and interest to your property. On the other hand, pavers make more usable exterior space that you can enjoy regardless of whether or not you intend to sell. When pavers are such a win-win, what’re you waiting for! There are so many ways that professional hardscaping can improve the overall value of your property?

Where The Dollars at?

So, do pavers increase the value of your home in a strictly financial capacity? Well, it depends. When you directly compare the cost of installation to the resale value gained, the difference in dollar amount can be pretty minimal. We recommend that you don’t go wild with upscale paving materials if you really care about the increase of value in this capacity. The usable exterior space that you obtain from installing a driveway or patio is the principal contributor to resale value, not the pavers themselves.

However, in another light using upscale pavers like porcelain or natural stone could definitely raise the price tag on your property. It really depends on the market. If buyers in Houston are really impressed by professionally paved exterior spaces, your home could demand a much higher price tag than one that lacks such a space. Your home could also demand more value in a bidding war if the finishes are more impressive to the buyers. Overall, having a better, more impressive curb appeal doesn’t hurt when selling a property. You may be better off with it than without it in certain real-estate markets. A nice walkway or driveway, complemented by a well-tended lawn, could very well set your home apart and result in a sale.

Driveways All Day

A driveway can definitely boost a home’s value. Buyers appreciate having a driveway already built-in rather than having to install one themselves. A paver driveway will look beautiful if well-maintained and sealed properly. You can also have a more dramatic curb appeal by creating a paver pattern toward the middle of the driveway. There are several different colors, sizes, and textures to choose from when paving a driveway. The right choice could impress buyers and increase the value of your home.

Properly paved driveways will be skid-proof and slip-proof. You won’t have to worry about anyone slipping on the driveway when it’s wet. Cars won’t skid in rainy weather either. This will give you and potential buyers peace of mind. It’s an impressive aspect to talk about and it’s one that you can benefit from regardless of whether or not you plan to sell. That’s a big benefit of paver renovations – they become a part of your home. You can enjoy them at the moment and benefit from them in resale down the road.

The Practicality of Pavers

Pavers are practical hardscaping material. When it comes a time that you need access to the pipes or other structures underneath the surface, pavers can be removed and reintegrated with relative ease. In the case of poured concrete, your space will need to be jackhammered! Also, when your pavers are removed and subsequently repaired, there won’t be any evidence that such a repair had taken place. Your pavers will be seamlessly restored to their previous appearance. If a paver happens to get a bad stain, it’s an easy fix! Just remove the stained pavers and replace them with new ones. Now your entire space has been remedied.

Pavers just make sense. They are a very versatile and practical option for any hardscaping project. Pavers aren’t just functional, however – they’re beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. How could anything that has these qualities NOT add value to your home? Enhance your home with a paver installation in Houston, Texas today!

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