How To Pick A Style of Pavers

Making a paver-related renovation to your home can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. It’s not a good idea to just jump in and pick something though. The paver you choose is an important decision that should be considered from a few different angles before one is decided on. Not all pavers are created equal. Some fit hot climates better than warmer climates. Perhaps a particular shape or size would look better in the space you’re working in than another.

Pavers should also complement the other aspects of your exterior design. Pavers are like the floor of your patio. You wouldn’t want them to clash with the existing elements of the property or your choice of outdoor furniture. In order to create a seamless, inviting outdoor space you should approach the decision of which paver with an open mind and a measure of patience. Your patience will be rewarded when you wind up with an outdoor space that pleases and relaxes you and all of your guests.

Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain pavers have become more and more popular as of late. Porcelain is a newer paver option that means to give all of the benefits of old school materials like concrete and brick without the drawbacks. You can count on porcelain pavers to be durable, weather resistant, not porous, good for the environment and easy to maintain and install. On top of all of these benefits, porcelain is a truly beautiful paving material that will definitely add to your home’s overall aesthetic. Porcelain pavers will complement nearly any look you have in place, and they can be manufactured in many different sizes and colors. Your finished product could be truly custom, as well as very impressive to buyers. 

Porcelain is a natural material that can be formed in different ways while retaining its natural qualities. There are so many shapes and sizes that can be obtained with porcelain pavers. You can have the natural look of granite without the unevenness and difficulty of installation, inherent to quarried stone. This stone doesn’t require any unique or special maintenance. They resist scratches, are resistant to slips and will look as they were installed yesterday for years and years.

Porcelain pavers come in many upscale, attractive colors like whites, tans and grays. You can safely incorporate these light colors without the threat of damage and staining to the surface. Along with these pavers being easy to install, they’re a great all-around choice for hardscaping.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers have more versatility than poured concrete. There are an array of colors and textures that you can choose from, and these pavers are simple to install as well. The interlocking aspect of concrete pavers makes them resistant to freeze/thaw cracking. Concrete pavers are not as expensive as porcelain pavers, and you can achieve an impressive look with them as well.

Natural Stone Pavers

Natural stone pavers are ever popular. Some designers won’t even consider another material for their hardscaping projects. The varied shapes and natural textures give a unique, upscale look that can’t be achieved with some other paver types. Every natural stone patio will be different from another, and that comes from the nature of the quarried stone it’s built out of. This unique, one-of a kind aspect makes natural stone an ever-popular choice in the Houston hardscaping community. Natural stone is not the cost-effective choice in this article. Because of the nature of quarried stone, natural stone can be expensive due to the complicated and time-consuming aspects of installation. Natural stone pavers are better off being installed professionally. In this way you can be sure that the stone will be installed perfectly and without error. When you’re paying that much for pavers in Houston, why leave anything up to chance? 

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We would advise that you avoid using natural stone when creating a pool deck area. Natural stone is inherently slippery. Although the end result would be beautiful, your natural stone pool deck would be a serious slip hazard and a danger to you and all of your guests. Even when natural stone pavers are expertly sourced and installed there is still a tendency of cracking and unevenness. It can be very hard to source natural stone with enough consistency of both color and texture, as the product has inherent natural variations. If you do want to find stone that is completely consistent all around for the space your paving, be prepared to pay – a lot. Be warned- you’ll be in deep trouble if you run out of material in the middle of a project!

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