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If you’re looking for an expert paving company in West University, you've come to the right place! Houston Pavers has years of experience helping the people around here with their exteriors. We’re a professional paving and hardscaping company, and we’ve seen it all! We’re fully prepared to make your paver installation near West University, Texas a success! We care about the thoughts, views and opinions of our customers. For us, customer service is the most important aspect of our business! Other companies may promise you a superior product and fail to deliver. Our team, on the other hand, guarantees that you’ll be pleased with the final product of your paver project. Whether it’s driveway installation in West University or some other service, you can count on the pros at our top West University, Texas paver company to help you come out on top. Count on us for the very best paver services around - we will not disappoint! We want to add value to your property by way of installing beautiful pavers to your exterior. This investment will last quite a long while, and you'll find that pavers are an amazing addition to your property!

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Top Paver Company in West University, Texas

The paver process is nothing scary or intimidating. In fact, it really is quite a simple process. There are a lot of paving companies out here in West University and not all of them can be trusted. We don’t talk bad about paver companies, but we will say that there are a lot of paver companies in the world that tend to take advantage of their customers. We are not one of those companies. We care a lot about our customers and we want you to have a top of the line experience. That means that we are going to ask any question that needs to be asked and do everything that we can possibly do to make sure that your paver installation goes smoothly.

Alright, into the paver process. The first step is to choose the type of paver that you want. With so many different power types, it can be a bit difficult to choose. However, it can also be pretty easy if you narrow it down. For example, you aren’t going to put marble pavers by your pool, are you? That would just be silly and dangerous. Another tip to narrowing down your paver search is having a budget. If you aren’t willing to spend more than $10 per paver, then you are going to have to narrow out your choices a bit.

After you decide on what type of paver you want, we are going to ask that you measure the area that you want to put the paver. So, if you want driveway pavers, then you are going to have to measure your driveway and so on. After you measure, we are going to ask that you send those measurements to our top rated paver installation company in West University so that we have an idea of what we are working with. Once we get your measurements we are going to send someone to your property to measure again just to make sure that all of the measurements are correct. Once we are sure of that, and everyone is in agreement on both sides, we can begin the paver process. There are a lot of great paving companies in West University, Texas, but we have to let you know that if you want an outstanding paver job, a great price, and a team that actually cares about the job, you have to go with us!

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Paver Installation Company in West University, TX

Pavers sadly don’t have a one price fits all. There are just too many variables when it comes to them. Now look, I know that you might have done a bit of research and the internet told you how much your pavers were going to run you. Well, let me tell you something, that price is not set in stone. That is a very broad estimation and it doesn’t even know all of the variables. The best way to find out how much your paver installation is going to cost is by getting an in person estimate by a professional. Even then, depending on what paver company you go with, they can charge you differently. Especially if it is a bad paver company that tries to take advantage of you. They will charge you an outrageous amount for a job that doesn’t even need to get done!

If you go with our top rated paver installation company in West University, TX, then you are guaranteed going to get a paver job that you are happy with. We do not cheat our customers and we do not try to take advantage of them. We want our customers to know that we care about them and we care about the paver job that we do. This means that we will work quickly and efficiently to give you a great paver job. We can’t give you a price until we see what needs to be done, but you can bet that we are going to give you a fair price.

Pool Paver Installation in West University, TX

If your pool is surrounded by grass then you most definitely need to get a paver installation in West University, TX. We want you to have a great pool. One that looks so pretty and nice that you can’t help but want to hop in!

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Commercial and Residential Paver Installation in West University, TX

Commercial properties need a paver installation job just as much as any residential property. A residential property paver job is important too though, so make sure that you don’t leave that out. Our top rated paver installation company in West University, TX will make sure that your commercial or residential property looks great!